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The Rules Of My Blog!

Welcome to my blog…. Hold on cause this is going to be a rollercoaster ride. I plan to speak my mind about any topic that I feel is relevent at the time. Please see the rules I plan to follow below!

1. You may agree with my stance….you might not! Oh Ya…. I dont care!

2. You may find what I have to say as funny, sad, politically incorrect, and/or offensive….. My guess at sometime, feelings will be hurt! Yup…Not Concerned!

3. I reserve the right to get dive into topics that include political, religious, racial, sexist, and others…. At times I may come off as a raciest, bigit, anti-religious, govenment hating, womenizing, or any other label you can create, person. I am none of these things… I find myself to be a realist, and blunt with my feelings and plan to put them out there.

4. Please if you don’t have balls or a really thick puss…. don’t read…. Cause my intention is to rant…. what I post may or may not make sense and might or might not be 100% proven fact!

5. These are all my opinions… your feel to have yours… let me have mine! I have the right to change my opinions, and you might find that I will from one post to an other in the history of this blog…. We are human, we can do that (Blog post topic alert…. coming soon)!

6. If you are my friend now, and you decided that one of my opinions sits wrong with you…. and you no longer want to be friends…. then more then likely you really wernt a true friend, because my true friends know I talk out my ass…. and what I rant does not mean I am pointing at you specifily… I rant about larger picture things, not specific people…. that is unless I throw your name out there!

7. There are no other rules, other then everything is fair game!!

ENJOY, comment and check back often!

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