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Flip Flopping Opinions

December 10, 2011


I hinted in my “blog rules”, that I was going to drop my opinion on changing of view on topics or “flip flopping”. Since we are getting into the full presidential election calendar, now is as good of time as any to address this topic.

We are human…. Since when can we not change our opinions or beliefs? If you tell a child that Santa Claus is real year after year, until the discover the truth via a third party, the child will flip his/her belief based on the new facts that have been learned. Why is it that life events, new information or further education related to important issues not allow us to change our minds on topics, as adults? You might wanna say…”the Santa story is not the same or as important as political stances”…. tell that to the child who just found out the people they trust most has lied to them all their life!

During the 2004 presidential race I think the term “flip flopping” became an issue that was addressed by the main stream media more then the war, economy or any other platform topic that was important. Again in 2008 we focused on past statements/beliefs of a candidate vs. there current. This issue of being a “flip flopper” became a reason not to vote for a certain and maybe the best candidate.

A big topic that politicians can not flip flopping on is abortion. *Let me put my stance on this topic out on the table… I’m pro-life unless in extreme circumstances…. but that debate is not for this post!* We have politicians that have been in the pubic light for way to many years (another topic), and at the time he/she may have taken a “right to choose” stance. Since that time much have come from science to suggest when a life becomes a life… so that politician decides to change his/her stance. Why is it that this change in opinion becomes a bigger issue the the issue itself?

Instead of jumping on someone for “flip flopping”, maybe It’s time we look at the original topics in question, re-educate ourselves on them topics and maybe even change our stance if new evidence warrent…. Rather then tear a man/women down for doing there due diligence and forming an educated opinion!

This political season make your county a promise that you will not get caught up in the bs mud slinging, research the candidates, the topics, and the platforms and vote for the right candidate…. Not whom the media has propped up the most or who your family or union has told you is the “best” candidate for their cause!


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